Student Augustinian Values Institute (SAVI)

Student Augustinian Values Institute

The Student Augustinian Values Institute (SAVI) is an outgrowth of the AVI. It is a directed three-day retreat-like experience for students at Augustinian high schools based on the core values of Truth, Unity, and Love. It is sponsored and conducted by the ASEA, bringing together groups of students from all ASEA member high schools.

savi students

Students should be either sophomores or juniors in high school, so that a longer term commitment and the ability to impact the whole school may be present in the students who participate in the institute.

Students meet together under the direction of Augustinian school leaders to hear presentations on the Augustinian core values, enjoy each others company and time together, and participate in service opportunities which are directed at showing the connection between Augustinian and Gospel Values and the society in which students live.

Service projects should be designed to show that service is the outgrowth of values in a directed, organized, and measurable fashion. Students who complete the SAVI should be expected to assist in promoting the formation of Augustinian Christian community at their home school and in providing ideas, suggestions, and leadership to help actualize both the values and the practical lessons they have learned from the SAVI, and from other schools and students

Immediate Goals

  • To establish clarity of mission.

  • To understand the Augustinian underpinnings of our mission

  • To state and clarify Augustinian values

  • To develop language which expresses these values

  • To see, explore, and apply their implications and expectations

  • To develop enthusiasm, dedication, and common purpose in our schools

Long-Term Goals

  • To gather students with leadership qualities from all schools to foster awareness of a nationwide and worldwide Augustinian school network.

  • To enable students to meet and appreciate others and their customs from different regions.

  • To provide a common learning experience building a community of diverse students sharing the same values, experiences and heritage.

  • To prepare students to return to their home school energized and insightful about our values and enthusiastic about implementing helpful changes in their schools.