Augustinian Values Institute

Augustinian Values Institute

The Augustinian Values Institute is a directed three-day retreat-like experience based on the Augustinian core values of Truth, Unity and Love. It is sponsored and conducted by the Augustinian Secondary Education Association of the North American Provinces of the Order of Saint Augustine.

St Augustine of Hippo

Groups of faculty, staff, board members, and other stakeholders representing each of the Augustinian high schools of North America, and guests from around the world, are invited to meet at a rotating host school site. During their time together they hear presentations on St. Augustine and learn an understanding of the Augustinian core values of Truth, Unity and Love which are foundational to an Augustinian education.

They pray together, share reflections with other school communities, participate in activities that promote the formation of community among the high schools, and develop particular strategies to implement the values at the participant’s home school.

The goal of the AVI is to gain and deepen an appreciation of the Augustinian charism and style. The Institute creates a sense of community, appreciation, solidarity and mutual support for the Augustinian school mission.

Immediate Goals

  • To establish clarity of mission.

  • To understand the Augustinian underpinnings of our mission

  • To state and clarify Augustinian values

  • To develop language which expresses these values

  • To see, explore, and apply their implications and expectations

  • To develop enthusiasm, dedication, and common purpose in our schools

Long-Term Goals

  • To gather a group of faculty, staff, and board members of Augustinian high schools (from North America and throughout the world) to continue the investigation as a platform for development.

  • To provide an opportunity to develop curriculum “for further information (for example: reading is, affinity groupings, regional groupings, support groups within schools, etc.).”

  • To establish a series of opportunities for ASEA sponsored events to continue the process and response to needs and insights.