About ASEA

About ASEA

The Augustinian Secondary Education Association was established by the Federation of Augustinians of North America to foster unity, efficiency, and continued development within the Augustinian ministry of secondary education.

In this section you can learn about our purpose and who we are

Graduating Class

Augustinians are, first and foremost, a community

Saint Augustine believed that God could be best discovered in the company of friends, and that is how we have chosen to serve God.

Purposes of ASEA

  • To provide a forum to promote a sense of unity and common purpose among the secondary schools through the sharing of resources, ideas, achievements, and experiences proper to our Augustinian second school ministries.

  • To provide ideas and suggestions for the North American Provincials concerning ways of more effectively sustaining the Augustinian schools’ ministry.

  • To promote secondary education as a vital element of our provincial ministries to the provincial membership, the clients and families we serve, and the public at large.

  • To encourage a networking of ideas about the Catholic and Augustinian nature of our school ministries

  • To plan, oversee, and implement the Augustinian Values Institute to instruct faculty, staff, and stakeholders in Augustinian values, charism and of operation.

  • To provide training to students in leadership, core values, service, charism, and the style of Augustinian schools.

  • To support and encourage ASEA members in their ministry, and to support the administrators, teachers and staff by means of semi-annual meetings, in-services, etc.

  • To identify the common characteristics of Augustinian secondary schools and to promote consulting resources to assist individual schools in evaluating their Augustinian identities/mission.