Augustinian Secondary Education Association (ASEA)

Augustinian Secondary Education Association (ASEA)

Members of the Order of Saint Augustine, an international Catholic religious community of men and women

About Us

Composed of all secondary schools which are apostolic commitments of the American and Canadian provinces.

The Association was established by the Federation of Augustinians of North America to foster Unity, Efficiency and Continued Development within the ministry of secondary education. It is a forum and vehicle for the sharing of resources, for the advancement of the Augustinian charism and values, for the promotion of secondary education as a vital and proper ministry of the Order, and for assuring authentic Augustinian identity in the schools under the care of the Order of St. Augustine

Our Core Values


Create a compassionate group of Christian men and women.


Achieve academic excellence with integrity in everything we do.


See the face of God in all people through loving service of our neighbor.

Order of Saint Augustine

Augustinians are, first and foremost, a community. Saint Augustine believed that God could be best discovered in the company of friends, and that is how we have chosen to serve God

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Seal of the Augustinian Order

The insignia is also a graphic symbol of Augustinian teaching practice


“Teaching to think and to love,” or put another way, “learning to be and to share,” is seen as a masterly synthesis of Augustinian education.  The book and the heart are combined in a single logo.  Loving rationally and thinking as persons who are facing up to reality with their intelligence, and their heart.  The noble capacity of thought is combined with the human exercise of conscious love.  It is a call to “intelligent love.”

(Santiago Inzunza, OSA)

Augustinian Saints

The flaming heart is the human heart.  It symbolizes Augustine’s love of God and his fellow brothers and sisters.  The Augustinian heart is passionately alive, with the desire to know God and experience divine love in our lives.

The open book represents St. Augustine’s own conversion to Christianity and the Scriptures. It also symbolizes the Word of God, source of light and truth, and the quest for wisdom.

The arrow which pierces the heart represents the Spirit of God piercing our hearts, calling us to continued growth in faith, hope and love.  This is the basis of that great restlessness, so typical of St. Augustine, which led him to seek God in all things and above all things.

Featured ASEA Member School 

St. Augustine High School, San Diego, CA.

Founded in 1922, St. Augustine High School is a Catholic liberal arts education for young men in an environment that promotes the development of mind, heart and body in the Augustinian tradition.

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Featured Institute

Augustinian Values Institute.

The Augustinian values institute is a directed three-day retreat-like experience based on the Augustinian Secondary Education Association of the North American Provinces of the Order of Saint Augustine. Groups of faculty, staff, board members, and other stakeholders representing each of the Augustinian high schools of North America, and guests from around the world, are invited to meet at a rotating host school sit.

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